USB 3.0 To Arrive in 2009, Should We Care?

USB 3.0 To Arrive in 2009, Should We Care?


I don’t know about you, but I’m much more interested in wireless USB technology than I am in the faster throughput promised by USB 3.0. The current word is that the USB 3.0 standard will get pushed into the marketplace sometime in 2009, slowly phasing out the USB 2.0 standard that we are using today.

When USB 1.0 first arrived, people applauded its ease of use, but the data transfer speed was far from being up the snuff. USB 2.0 significantly increased the speed of shoving data around, but now that our society is inundated with HD this and HD that, it might not be enough. USB 3.0 promises to increase read speeds ten-fold, effectively bumping it up to 4.8Gbps.

I’m all for cutting the wires. A WiFi network is just as fast as most wired ones and I hope to see USB technology reach the same level. Soon.