Sanyo LVT-WD40 PMP Lets You Watch TV In The Rain

Sanyo LVT-WD40 PMP Lets You Watch TV In The Rain


Everything is going mobile and that includes watching television. Unfortunately, most gadgets aren’t exactly weather-friendly with the exception of the Sanyo LVT-WD40 personal media player. This glossy white wonder comes equipped with its own digital 1Seg TV tuner (which only works in Japan), granting users the ability to watch their favorite Japanese dramas on the go.

The best part is that this device is completely waterproof, meaning that if you choose to watch videos in the shower or listen to music in the rain, you’re fully covered and you won’t be on the receiving end of a terrible electric shock. In addition to grabbing TV signals, the LVT-WD40 will probably handle its fair share of music and video content as well.

With a battery life of about six hours and a 4-inch display with 480×272 resolution, the Sanyo LVT-WD40 PMP retails for $450 in Japan.