Nokia 6131 With RFID For Tap-And-Go Payment

Nokia 6131 With RFID For Tap-And-Go Payment


On the surface, the Nokia 6131 looks like a budget-minded cell phone, but when you integrate an RFID chip under the hood, the unassuming mobile gains a rather interesting function. The modified version has been dubbed the Nokia 6131 NFC for Near Field Communication.

Using the RFID chip housed within, the cell phone effectively gets transformed into a “touch to pay” device, meaning that you only need to graze your Nokia across a reader to make a payment at participating retailers. The chip stores “all of your personal financial information”, allowing for instant payment. If you thought someone stealing your contact list and reading your text messages was bad enough, wait until they start making random purchases with your phone too.

Nokia claims that the system integrated in the Nokia 6131 NFC is “very secure”, but how secure can it be when your phone is in someone else’s hands? Especially when there is no signature or PIN required for purchases.