Google Doesn’t Need You To Call Advertisers Yet

Google Doesn’t Need You To Call Advertisers Yet


Google is everywhere. Go to just about any website and you’ll find Google Adsense. Nearly everyone I know has a Gmail account and they’ve come to rely on Google Reader for RSS feeds. But you’re not going to be bombarded with Google ads on your cell phone just yet. Well, that’s not completely true.

The search engine giant originally had a plan to place ads “that aim to get buyers to pick up the phone” but that strategy has been set aside for now as Google is re-focusing their attention on other types of ads. They’re still going to send ads to cell phone users, but these are more likely to come in the form of text messages and pay-per-action ads.

Instead of pay-per-action, Google was thinking about pay-per-call ads where “an advertiser pays each time a consumer calls the company after seeing an ad posted on Google or its partner websites.” I personally don’t think the conversion would be very good, because how many web users are actually motivated to pick up the phone and call someone?