Verizon Wireless Launches Samsung FlipShot Camera Phone

Verizon Wireless Launches Samsung FlipShot Camera Phone


I’m already a pretty big fan of the idea behind the “flip two ways” Samsung SCH-u740. While that phone has more to do with mobile messaging, its new Verizon stablemate is all about taking pictures. The Samsung FlipShot camera phone features a twist-and-shout form factor and an impressive 3.0 megapixel camera. As you can see from the picture, you can twist the top part of the phone to achieve the best viewing angle, snapping high-resolution photos with the best of them.

Available in black or red, the Samsung FlipShot (also known as the Samsung U900) comes equipped wth Bluetooth, PictBridge, camcorder capabilities, “living wallpaper”, speakerphone, personal organizer, and a QVGA TFT display. It also boasts the full suite of Verizon offerings including V CAST Music and Video, Get It Now, and VZ Navigator.

The Samsung FlipShot is available now for a price of $199.99, assuming you’re down with a new two-year service agreement.