Sony Ericsson W580i Is Pretty in Pink, Metro Pink

Sony Ericsson W580i Is Pretty in Pink, Metro Pink


And the onslaught of pink electronics continues. Just in time for the holiday shopping season, here is the Sony Ericsson W580i in Metro Pink. We already know that a handset like this will appeal to the ladies, but with the word “metro” in its name, you’ve got to wonder if Sony Ericsson is targeting folks like David Beckham too. Somehow I have a hard time imagining Becks carrying a pink phone.

In terms of the features, the Metro Pink Sony Ericsson W580i likely has the exact same list as its not-so-pink counterparts. This means that you get treated to the company’s sigature Walkman 2.0 media player, granting you access to all sorts of tunes and vids. Other vitals include an attractive slider form factor and a 2.0 megapixel camera. You also get mood lighting and fitness features.

No word on pricing or availability, but without a service provider picking up the pink wonder on our side of the pond, I’m thinking the only way to get your hands on a Metro Pink Sony Ericsson W580i slider phone is through importers and other gray market means.