Get Your 80GB Zune 2 In About a Week’s Time

Get Your 80GB Zune 2 In About a Week’s Time


This is almost a good problem to have, isn’t it? Microsoft wasn’t expecting such a huge demand for their new 80GB Zune portable music player, instead focusing their efforts on the two Flash Zune players. People want the massive storage and the massive screen, but if you walk into an electronics retailer today, you’ll be hard-pressed to walk out with a Zune 80.

Unfortunately for most people, this means that an 80GB Zune 2 will not be available on Black Friday but the good news is that Microsoft hopes to restock those shelves within the next 7-10 days or so. Cesar from Zune Insider is saying that the Redmond-based company will have a full batch of Zune 80s ready to ship “within the next eek (give or take a couple of days).”

Wow, a Zune shortage. That’s quite different from the first-generation Zune where it seemed like Microsoft couldn’t pay you enough to buy one.