Full-Size USB Port on Sony Ericsson Concept Phone

Full-Size USB Port on Sony Ericsson Concept Phone


While the rest of the technological world is aiming to shrink things down to microscopic proportions, there are still companies that aim more toward giving us actually useful functionality. This new Sony Ericsson concept phone ditches the miniUSB connectors that certain phones have and replaces it with a full-size USB port, effectively letting you connect flash drives and other peripherals at will.

Yes, this idea is very much a concept, so don’t expect the final design to look like the picture provided, but it does provide intriguing possibilities. Take mobile gaming, for example. You just might be able to connect a USB PC controller. For music and videos, you can offload (and upload) content from a USB flash drive. With USB, anything is theoretically possible… like the addition of wireless radios.

Before you start applauding Sony on their efforts to innovate, you should know that this concept has very little to do with the Japanese giant at all. It was not at all sanctioned by SE and is rather just an idea floating about in some fanboy’s head.