World’s Smallest Projector is Still Pretty Chunky

World’s Smallest Projector is Still Pretty Chunky


Technology is advancing as quickly as it is shrinking. We seem fascinated by the world’s smallest anything so today we find the world’s smallest projector, which measures 86 x 44 x 85mm. They’re saying that it’ll fit in your pocket, but you’re going to need some rather large pockets.

The Oculon Hikari Pro may be the world’s smallest projector, especially when you place it next to full-sized units from Epson and others, but it’s still a fairly sizable chunk of technology. The relatively small unit features a bumblebee-like black and yellow color scheme, because, you know, you might lose it otherwise.

There are two variations to choose from. The Pro920 ($299) and the Pro1440 ($399) project images of 15-inches and 20-inches, respectively. Both do this from a distance of two feet, but the latter boasts 250 lumens and a 800 x 600 pixel resolution.