T-Mobile Germany Forced to Sell Unlocked iPhones

T-Mobile Germany Forced to Sell Unlocked iPhones


Remember how Orange of France is selling unlocked iPhones so that you could theoretically take the handset to another GSM carrier? Well, it turns out that T-Mobile of Germany may soon have to do the same.

A court order has been issued, telling T-Mobile Germany to stop selling locked iPhones. The German carrier is being ordered to sell the newly released European Apple iPhone without contract and without a lockdown to the T-Mobile network. Naturally, T-Mobile Germany is pretty upset over the whole matter, because they presumably had to fork out quite a bit of dough to land a German exclusive on the iPhone.

And who was it that went to court over the matter? One of T-Mobile’s greatest competitors, of course. Vodafone of Germany (officially) says that they want “to keep Germany’s cell market free from locked handsets and further contract restriction.” Right. And losing customers to T-Mo has nothing to do with it.

T-Mobile Germany is not allowed to sell any more locked iPhones until the matter is resolved.