Flip This Phone to Access Second SIM Card

Flip This Phone to Access Second SIM Card


The idea of having two SIM cards in a single phone isn’t exactly new, but the way that you go about switching between the two cards hasn’t exactly been implemented very well in the past. Oftentimes, it would be necessary to fumble through some sort of messy menu before you could do the switch. This phone, however, makes things a heck of a lot easier.

The DUO Atom is a candybar-style mobile phone that can features dual SIM card slots. To switch between services, all you have to do is flip the phone over. It seems that the DUO Atom features technology that recognizes the phone’s current orientation. If held one way, it’ll access the first SIM card. Flip it upside down (which becomes right side up) and you access the second SIM card. Gravity is a wonderful thing.

Before you ask, the screen doesn’t turn upside down when you flip the phone over. In fact, both the display and the keypad switch when you flip, “so you can avoid the embarrassment of having to noticeably hold your phone the wrong way.” I’m just wondering what happens if you have the phone sideways in your bag?