Asus Expects To Sell Over 3.8 Million Eee PCs in 2008

Asus Expects To Sell Over 3.8 Million Eee PCs in 2008


Asustek has very high hopes for their tiny computing solution. They’re so confident in their equipment that the company expects to sell at least 3.8 million Eee PCs over the course of 2008. That’s “at least”, fellas, meaning that the Taiwanese company is aiming to sell more than that number.

In their discussion with DigiTimes, Asustek CEO Jonney Shih and Asustek President Jonathan Tseng also made several other proclamations regarding the seven-inch laptop-like UMPC. For example, they’ve re-iterated the fact that the Asus Eee PC is meant to be a secondary device rather than your primary computer. In like manner, the Eee PC is a “secondary profit line, so low gross margins have little to no business impact on the company.”

Oh, and if you’re a dude that hopes to impress your geeky friends with your Asus Eee PC, you may be a little disconcerted to hear that the handheld is mostly targeted at women and children. Nothing some West Coast Chopper stickers can’t solve, right?

You can read the whole interview here.