T-Mobile Dumps Extreme Roaming Customers

T-Mobile Dumps Extreme Roaming Customers


It’s not me, it’s you. T-Mobile has mailed a letter to approximately 600 customers, severing them from T-Mobile services because they have been “identified as having the majority of their calling usage occur while roaming outside of the T-Mobile network.” See, that’s what you get for having a wandering eye, one that “cheats” on your existing provider.

Dubbed the Extreme Roamer Reduction (ERR) Initiative, this new policy from T-Mobile targets customers who spend too much time chatting on other networks. More specifically, the criteria listed include:

– Customer is roaming outside of T-Mobile network 100% of the time
– Defined contractual term has expired on all active lines
– Non-Business and non-Government account types
– Non-VIP and non-Special account sub-types

See, if you’re special or a business user, you’re exempt from the ERR Initiative. Your business is too valuable to them. It should be noted that these people are shot out of the T-Mobile family altogether, being “offered to switch to a T-Mobile To Go plan.” If they don’t want that, then they are given the royal pink boot.