Round Digital Picture Frame Isn’t Exactly Egg-cellent

Round Digital Picture Frame Isn’t Exactly Egg-cellent


I’m all for the progression of digital picture frame technology. It’s just so much cooler to load up a photo and have the instant gratification of sharing it with loved ones than it is to have to wait for a physical photograph to be developed and framed. Time is our greatest resource, after all.

Most digital picture frames have a form factor is similar to their non-digital counterparts, but not this one. This digital photo frame has decided that it’s going to be shaped like an egg, complete with a white and yellow color scheme straight out of an episode with Chicken Little. You’ll need eyes like Chicken Little too, because you only get a 1.5-inch CSTN color screen. That’s a far cry from the standard seven inches you get with most digital photo frames.

Rounding out the specs are 8MB of built-in flash memory, brightness control, clock, and support for both BMP and JPG images. The egg-shaped frames are being hatched at Coolsources.