LG Chocolate Goes For a Spin At Telus Mobility

LG Chocolate Goes For a Spin At Telus Mobility


I remember when I saw the first LG Chocolate. Like everyone else, I thought the touch-sensitive controls were absolutely beautiful and the glossy black finish make for a very attractive device. Now that the Chocolate is nearly as ubiquitous as the RAZR, it’s kind of lost its appeal. In an effort to re-attract our interest, Telus Mobility is launching a slightly modified version of the LG Chocolate, dubbed the LG Chocolate Spin.

By and large, the LG Chocolate Spin is virtually identical to its predecessor. The scroll wheel beneath the main color screen has been slightly reworked in that they replaced the plastic wheel with a metal one. Features are similar as well with an integrated camera and music player, along with a Telus-ified user interface.

I’m thinking that the attraction could have been better sparked with an improvement in features or a significant reduction in price. Neither has occured. The LG Chocolate Spin is available nw from Telus for $79.99 with a three-year contract or $349.99 without one.