Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device: Official Videos

Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device: Official Videos


On Friday, we unearthed some details surrounding the Amazon Kindle and for the most part, they were bang-on with the official announcement that took place over the weekend. There is now an official page set up for the Amazon Kindle, complete with videos demonstrating how the e-book device takes book-reading to a new level.

Amazon says that books are far from dead and the Amazon Kindle is simply the natural progression toward a new way of reading your favorite best sellers and newspapers. The idea is that the Amazon Kindle will revolutionize the way we spread the written word, much like what that Gutenberg guy did with his press.

Over at the official Amazon Kindle page, you’ll find a bevy of pictures along with several videos demonstrating exactly how you use the Kindle and how you purchase new content (best sellers go for $9.99 or less). Interestingly, the Kindle does not have WiFi. Instead, it relies completely on EVDO but there are “no monthly wireless bills, service plans, or commitments.” Amazon takes “care of all the wireless delivery so you can simply click, buy, and read.” And downloading a book takes only about a minute.

The Amazon Kindle retails for $399 and is available now.