Try Not To Light Your Pants on Fire, Mmmkay?

Try Not To Light Your Pants on Fire, Mmmkay?


There are all sorts of technological gizmos that you’re probably interested in stuffing down your pants. I’ll wait a second as you get your mind out of the gutter. Okay, are you back? Good. We’ve seen tiny gadgets that play music, record your location, answer phone calls, and translate phrases, but this glossy white wonder isn’t what you’d expect.

Looking almost like an electronic bar of soap, the Sanyo KIR-S1 is a mini digital pocket heater. If you’ve got chilly hands this winter, all you have to do is stuff your hands down our pants (pockets) to warm them up with this device. With the lithium-ion battery found within, the KIR-S1 keeps everything warm and toasty for about five hours.

There appear to be two heat settings with the temperature maxing out at 43 degrees “to prevent from getting burnt.” The pocket heater sells for 37,800 KRW ($41) in Korea, but there is no word on whether this will affect your little swimmers, so to speak.