T-Mobile Pulls Sidekick Slide From Shelves

T-Mobile Pulls Sidekick Slide From Shelves


An anonymous tipster has informed us that “the Sidekick Slide has just been recalled. It is showing temporary unavailable on the T-Mobile website and will be removed this weekend.”

On Monday, people started reporting that the Sidekick Slide suffers from unexpected hard resets and the issue seems to be related to the battery or the battery connection in some way. As far as we can tell, the battery gets temporarily dislodged from time to time and this causes the popular sliding messaging phone to shut itself off.

As it stands right now, the Motorola-manufactured Sidekick Slide is not showing up on the T-Mobile website. Some insiders are saying that Motorola and T-Mobile are on the cusp of issuing a recall on the device, but as it stands, affected owners are being told to look for other options.