Next Nintendo DS: Slimmer, On-Board Memory, No GBA

Next Nintendo DS: Slimmer, On-Board Memory, No GBA


The Nintendo DS paved the way for the slimmer and brighter Nintendo DS Lite. And now we’re getting close to another iteration of everyone’s favorite handheld video game machine. There’s plenty of gossip floating about on the intarwebs about the next Nintendo DS and all of the new features sound to be in line with expectations.

For starters, the next-generation Nintendo DS will once again be slimmer than the current DS Lite, further reducing both its girth and its weight. Unlike the current DS Lite, however, the new dual-screened wonder will come with some (additional) on-board memory, paving the way for more downloads and custom content. Also, despite being slimmer, the new DS Lite will come with bigger screens.

The biggest trade-off for all of this new hotness, however, is that the new DS Lite will lack a GBA slot, forcing you to play DS games only. Of course, all of these are little more than rumors at this point, so don’t go frying your Game Boy Advance games just yet.