Amazon Kindle E-Book Reader: We’ve Got the Deets

Amazon Kindle E-Book Reader: We’ve Got the Deets


One of the best ways you can go green is to ditch your reliance on the printed word. You can go with paperless billing for your cell phone and other expenses, for example. Another way you can minimize your reliance on chopped-down trees is to read all of your content through an e-reader rather than on a never-ending supply of paper.

The Sony Reader is probably one of the better known e-book reading devices on the market, but the Amazon Kindle looks like it has several legs up on the competition. And a couple legs down too. Unlike other e-readers, the Amazon Kindle gets equipped with a huge QWERTY keyboard. This is because the Kindle is perfectly capable of handling email (and search) through its rumored WiFi connection. Gizmodo says that it has EVDO as well.

What you see here is the final design, though we hope that the Amazon Kindle will come in other colors as well. A full book download is said to take about two minutes and the collection includes 50-100 news sources lke the Wall Street Journal and NY Times. It’s also got audiobook support and a headphone jack. The biggest downside — which should help battery life — is that the Kindle lacks a backlight, relying instead on an external lamp on an arm.

The official unveiling of the Amazon Kindle is expected to take place on Monday, just in time for holiday shoppers.