Venturi Mini Delivers Bluetooth Music Through FM Frequency

Venturi Mini Delivers Bluetooth Music Through FM Frequency


I could totally use a device like this. The Venturi Mini is a Bluetooth device that shoves its way into the cigarette plug in your car, drawing juice, and beaming out voice calls and streaming music through your car’s stereo system.

Developed by NextGen Venturi, the Venturi Mini is specifically designed to work with music phones and Bluetooth-equipped MP3 players. Boasting full support for Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and A2DP, the Venturi Mini can relay this sound information — both in terms of voice calls and streaming music — through its integrated digital FM transmitter. The transmitter also has RDBS technology for displaying information on your car’s radio screen, including contacts, device menus, and other pertinent data.

It’s also quite notable that the Venturi Mini can pair with up to four devices at the same time, meaning you can have your MP3 player blasting tunes through while the your phone is connected for a call back home. The standard USB style 5v port provides an area where you can simultaneously charge your devices too. Regular MP3 players an make use of the audio-in socket. If your car’s stereo has an aux-in jack, you can make use of the audio-out on the Venturi Mini for a wired connection too. That’s probably better quality than FM anyways.

Look for the Venturi Mini to ship next month with an MSRP of $129.