No More 10-Inch Asus Eee PC After All

No More 10-Inch Asus Eee PC After All


Contrary to earlier reports, Asus will not be releasing a variant of the Asus Eee PC equipped with a 10-inch screen in place of the current 7-inch screen. This de-bunking comes directly from Asus, effectively shattering any 10-inch dreams that you may have had. Sure, you can still buy a fully-fledged 11.1-inch Asus notebook computer, but it won’t be an Eee PC running on that extra speedy Linux-based OS.

As you recall, a company rep was quoted on Tuesday as saying that the Asus Eee PC would be getting bigger and badder, boasting a larger display as well as several performance upgrades. Apparently the first part was a mis-quote, but there is still a considerable chance that the hardware upgrades are in the works. These include things like more flash memory and more RAM.

Shucks. And we thought they were going to fill in that dead space around the display too. It turns out that the overall frame size on the Eee PC is dictated more by the keyboard than by the screen.