Helio Cuts All Phone Prices By $50

Helio Cuts All Phone Prices By $50


Anyone waiting for a deal on cell phone service and a new handset should perk their ears on this news, because Helio has cut the prices on all of their handsets by $50, bringing the price of a brand new Helio Ocean to under the $200 mark. Oh crap, I’m not supposed to call it a phone and I’m not supposed to call them a phone company either. Oh well.

The Helio Ocean is now available for $199, whereas the Helio Fin and the Helio Heat are being sold for $79 and $0, respectively. That’s right. You can slide into action with the Samsung-produced Helio Heat for zero dollars. The kicker, of course, is that you have lock yourself down to a contract, but that’s the case with any cell provider.

Match up this deal with the new $99 All-In-One Plan and you’ve got plenty of Helio cake to snack on. These price cuts could be pointing towards the launch of a new phone. Helio Mysto, anyone?