Extensive Video Review of Nokia 6500 Slide

Extensive Video Review of Nokia 6500 Slide


When the Nokia 6500 Slide was announced earlier this year, we collectively let out an “ooo” and then an “ahh”, because we were so pleased with its classic styling, exceptional build quality, and top-notch features.

The Nokia 6500 looks great on the surface, but we have been ever so curious about its usability in the real world. PhoneArena aims to address those concerns with their very extensive review of the hot slider phone.

As you recall, the Nokia 6500 Slide was announced at the same time as its candybar cousin, the Nokia 6500 Classic. However, the two phones have fairly different feature sets. Among the vitals on the 6500 Slide are a 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, 3G connectivity, microSD expansion slot (up to 4GB), a 2.2″ 16M color QVGA display, and a secondary camera for video calls.

All in all, the reviewer found that the Nokia 6500 Slide is “easy and trouble-free” in terms of usage and “it is also sufficiently fast not to induce irritating slow-downs or messages of the ‘please wait’ sort.” The ringer is loud, vibration is powerful, and the slide mechanism is very reliable and “tight.”

The phone scores a very high 9.5 on design and 8.5 on display, but it suffers from a 6.5 battery, a 6 for connectivity, and a 6.5 for multimedia, dragging the overall score down to 7.5 out of 10.