Alltel Wireless Launches Axcess Family Finder

Alltel Wireless Launches Axcess Family Finder


Alltel really seems to be pushing a family-friendly image lately. They’re already gearing up a service that blocks inappropriate cell phone content and now they’re getting ready to launch another one to help you find your lost kids.

When their kids are out and about, it’s also a concern for parents to know exactly where their children are. With Axcess Family Finder from Alltel Wireless, parents will be able to determine the location of their kids based on the location of their phones. The child needs to be touting an Axcess Family Finder-capable “child” phone — LG AX8600, Samsung U520, Samsung R510 — for this service to work.

Using Family Finder, parents can also determine locations that their children frequent. Unlike the content-blocking service, however, Family Finder is not free: It costs $9.99 a month per child.