Tok Tak MP3 Player Same Size As Audio Adapter

Tok Tak MP3 Player Same Size As Audio Adapter


And you thought the clip-tastic iPod shuffle was small. Designer Tae-wan Kim has come up with an MP3 player that’s about as tiny as it gets, looking more like an audio jack adapter than a full-fledged music player. To a random passer-by, it’ll look like you just have a set of headphones dangling from your ears.

Naturally, this is still very much in the conceptual stage, so you’ve got to wonder just how viable such a design could be. Both flash memory and batteries have miniaturized considerably in recent years, so it just might work. Dubbed the Tok Tak, this incredibly tiny MP3 layer also comes with a base station used to recharge its batteries and upload new music. Interestingly, the dock also doubles as a “joystick controller to listen to your turns [sic] externally.”

Ready for some crazy Atari-inspired action?