Steampunk-Inspired iPod Skin is Gear-ific, Not Functional

Steampunk-Inspired iPod Skin is Gear-ific, Not Functional


You may have heard the Steampunk name before. The movement is to combine something old with something new, reinventing a current piece of gadgetry to look like it was built with old world technology. We’ve seen laptops with cryptic rusty gears and clanking tin components, for example.

The Apple iPod is easily the most popular portable music player today, but not all of us appreciate the ultra-contemporary glossy white finish. For those seeking a vintage look, there is the Steampunk-inspired iPod skin from Gelaskins. The click wheel is replaced with a rusty old gear and the backside takes on an appearance that mimics a cut-out window, showing all the inner workings of Apple’s musical wonder.

Yes, it’s just a sticker and really adds nothing to the functionality, but we’re more interested in personality anyways. Find it at