Fighter Jet-Inspired Sharp DK-AP2 iPod Speaker System

Fighter Jet-Inspired Sharp DK-AP2 iPod Speaker System


I can’t be the only one who thinks the Sharp DK-AP2 speaker system for iPods looks a little too much like a stealth bomber. With the huge triangular main unit mounted onto some sort of base station — and let’s not forget that the entire thing has been coated in black — the Sharp dock looks pretty darn stealthy. I’m not so sure about the bomber part.

Anyways, they say that this “Avery triangular design makes it unique and distinct.” That’s certainly true, because I have yet to come across another speaker system that looks quite like this. Despite its rather foreboding shape, the Sharp DK-AP2 is supposed to be quite compact and easy-to-use, boasting complete plug-and-play functionality.

Included in the bundle are a whole whack of iPod adapters, making this speaker system compatible with everything from the old school iPod mini, right up to the current iPod nano. I’ll also work with other audio sources through the aux-in jack. Price has been set at around $165.