Alltel Blocks Inappropriate Cell Phone Content For Free

Alltel Blocks Inappropriate Cell Phone Content For Free


When mobile phone resolutions were considerably worse than they are today, there would be no reason why parents would be concerned about the content their children view on those tiny screens. A highly-pixelated and blurry boobie never hurt anyone. As we know have PDA phones and other handsets with high-resolution screens, however, inappropriate mobile phone content is running rampant. And parents have a reason to be worried.

Alltel is stepping in to help any concerned parents in the audience, unleashing their free Alltel Parental Controls wireless application. As you can probably imagine, this application can be installed on your kids’ phones, effectively filtering out any content that you deem inappropriate. It’ll block access to “questionable sites” containing things like pornography, gambling, weapons, and violent content. No more mobile GTA for little Timmy.

The RuleSpace content filtering database is checked and updated every day, so you can have some confidence that Billy isn’t finding a back door into Golden Nugget online or something. Alltel Parental Controls launches in February 2008.