Seagate External Hard Drives Preloaded with Trojan Horse

Seagate External Hard Drives Preloaded with Trojan Horse


If you recently purchased an external hard drive from Seagate, you may want to give it a very thorough virus scan, because about 1800 units were infected with a Trojan Horse before leaving the manufacturing plant in China. Ha! And you thought lead paint on your children’s toys were the greatest of your worries.

It turns out that these Seagate-branded external hard drives were tainted with a Trojan Horse that would send all of your personal information back to some bad guy in China. These drives were sold at the retail level in Taiwan and word is that they got infected while passing through the hands of one of Seagate’s Chinese subcontractors. Oh those subcontractors! You can never trust them, can you…

To my knowledge, Seagate has yet to issue any sort of recall, but the company does state that “all products leaving the factory are now cleared of the virus.”