Feel the Pain of a WiFi Hotspot

Feel the Pain of a WiFi Hotspot


Here’s something a little paradoxical for you. When it comes to most mobile geeks, coming into range of a WiFi hotspot can be a moment of ecstasy. Such would not be the case, however, if you were wearing the Constraint City vest designed by Austrian artist Gordan Savicic. Fashioned from a Nintendo DS and what appears to be S&M periphernalia, the vest tightens as it detects a Wi-Fi signal, giving you a tighter squeeze as the signal gets stronger.

The Nintendo DS, a handheld normally associated with playing video games and training your brain, is connected “to high torque servo motors” in what looks like a sadistic way to wean web surfers off from their addiction. This is Pavlovian conditioning at its most painful! They say that the idea behind the “wearable wireless corset/network detector” is to create a “schizo-geographic pain map” of the networks that surround us daily.

Ouch. I’ll just use a regular WiFi sniffer, thanks.