Donate to Charity, Get a Free OLPC

Donate to Charity, Get a Free OLPC


For a limited time, you will be able to donate to a worthy cause and score a free laptop in the process. No, we’re not talking about a chance to win a laptop, we’re talking about a guaranteed laptop for every donation made.

Between now and November 26, you can make a donation of $399 to the OLPC project. From this $399, one OLPC will be sent to a deserving child in a developing nation and then one more will be sent to you. With the OLPC in hand, you can give it to the special child in your life. You don’t get a tax receipt for the full donation, but you do get a receipt for $200. (The balance is spent on giving you an OLPC, remember.)

What’s more, any Americans who follow through on this “Give One Get One” program get one year of free access to T-Mobile’s HotSpot service. This is already valued at $350. If you take the $200 OLPC and pair it with the $350 HotSpot service, you actually gain $149 in the process.