Video Demo of Google Android Mobile Phone Operating System

Video Demo of Google Android Mobile Phone Operating System


The biggest news to hit the cell phone industry since the emergence of the Apple iPhone is the operating platform backed by the guys at Google. Known as Android, this open smartphone platform is going to open up worlds of opportunities and we’ve got the demo video to prove it.

In this video, we see two possible form factors that a Google Phone could take. The first unit appears to be a beefy candybar with a similar personality as a BlackBerry or a Palm Treo, boasting a landscape color screen and possibly a QWERTY keyboard underneath. You’ll notice the quick access buttons near the bottom of the screen.

The second form factor seems to borrow some of its inspiration from a certain company in Cupertino, maybe even borrowing the idea of a multi-touch. Among the apps demonstrated are text messaging, Google maps, and web browsing. And they interact!

We live in exciting times, my friends. Google-fied exciting times. The Google Android SDK is available now.