T-Mobile Sidekick Slide Suffers From Spontaneous Hard Resets

T-Mobile Sidekick Slide Suffers From Spontaneous Hard Resets


Uh oh. Looks like Motorola’s initial foray into the realm of Sidekick isn’t quite so hot. It turns out that there is a serious design flaw in the Sidekick Slide that causes it to hard reset at random. This could happen in the middle of a call, while text messaging a friend, or while jamming to some tunes.

Apparently, the connection with the battery has been poorly designed. It has a habit of getting temporarily dislodged and each time that this happens, the Sidekick Slide automatically kicks itself into a hard reset. The Sidekick LX reportedly suffers from the same hard reset woes. Also remember that your SK data is stored on a back-end server, so if there’s no service when it comes back to life, you’re effectively SOL.

It’s not just one or two Sidekick Slides that are suffering through this problem, so we could be in for some sort of recall. Even if a recall isn’t issued, we suggest you get a replacement unit if your Slide or LX spontaneously hard resets. A quick fix, we hear, is to “take a business card or folded up piece of paper and stick it in between the battery and the battery cover, as it seems like it’s an issue with the battery and the battery contacts.”