Hands-On Review of the T-Mobile Sidekick Slide (Video)

Hands-On Review of the T-Mobile Sidekick Slide (Video)


The Sidekick line has been a huge success for T-Mobile, because it opens up all sorts of communications opportunities for people both young and young at heart. Up until now, the Sidekick line has largely been manufactured by Sharp. That changed with the introduction of the Sidekick Slide.

The Sidekick Slide, as you know, is made by Motorola and it boast a sliding screen, rather than one that rotates up to reveal its QWERTY keyboard. Eric from Phonescoop had the opportunity to go hand-on with the hot new handheld, which makes use of miniaturization advances started by the RAZR.

The video, which you can view below, is very thorough, going through most of the main features and design specs on the Sidekick Slide. He also compares the Slide against the Sidekick LX in several respects. For example, he prefers the rubber keypad on the LX over the stiff plastic of the Slide.