Asus Eee PC On Sale At Best Buy

Asus Eee PC On Sale At Best Buy


Wait! Don’t go running out to your local Best Buy store just yet, because you won’t find the Asus Eee PC there just yet. Well, not exactly anyways. It seems that the ultra compact Linux-powered laptop is available on the Best Buy website, but it appears to be an online deal only. This means that the 7-inch wonder is not (yet) shipping to brick and mortar stores.

In terms of the specs and features of the Asus Eee PC found at Best Buy, it seems to be the base configuration that everyone seems to be getting. It’s an Intel 900 MHz Celeron-M processor running the show, although “it appears that the CPU is only running at 630MHz.” You also get 4GB of flash memory (1.3GB usable), a seven-inch 800×480 non-touchscreen display, Xandros Linux, three USB ports, 3MP webcam, integrated mic, 802.11b/g WiFi, and a 5200 mAh battery for 3.5 hours of life. No Bluetooth.

The price is right where you expect it to be too. $399. Too bad there appears to be a 1-2 week backorder.