All You Can Eat Helio Ocean Cake For $99

All You Can Eat Helio Ocean Cake For $99


You’re hungry for a new cell phone. You’re hungry for loads of mobile data and other fun things to do with that new cell phone. Helio has you covered on both fronts and it’s not going to cost you more than $99. Well, sort of anyways.

If you’ve been itching to get your hands on that “I slide any which way you want me to slide” Helio Ocean, but the $295 asking price is scaring you away, you should be absolutely ecstatic to hear that you can now pick up a dual-sliding Helio Ocean for a mere $99. The catch is that it’s a refurbished model, but it’s good enough to get a clean bill of health from the MVNO’s Refreshed service.

What’s more, Helio is also dropping its rate plans. For the same $99, you can grant yourself all-you-can-eat access to everything the Helio Ocean does. The all-in-one plan is now running for $99 a month. That’s more than an iPhone plan, but you also get more. You can quite literally eat your cake and have it too.