Totally Awesome Clear Case for Nintendo DS Lite

Totally Awesome Clear Case for Nintendo DS Lite


Portable electronics are just as much about personalization as they are about functionality. If you are tired of rocking the same old Frost White Nintendo DS Lite, perhaps it’s time you consider a totally awesome clear case. Unlike all those special edition portable gaming machines that make their way around Japan, telling you that they are limited edition this and extra special that, this case requires a bit more work.

You’re not forced to buy a new gaming handheld altogether. Instead, you will be asked to tear your Nintendo DS apart and totally replace the existing casing with this Ghost clear case. I have to admit, it has a certain retro appeal to it that will certainly nab the attention of technogeeks around the globe. The best part is that this customization comes in at a very reasonable price of twenty bucks.

Naturally, this mod is not for the feint of heart, and more likely than not, you’ll void your warranty in the process. Here’s the product page if you’re interested.