Singapore Gets Free WiFi on Buses, Courtesy of Nokia

Singapore Gets Free WiFi on Buses, Courtesy of Nokia


The next time you happen to be cruising through Singapore — and I know this has to be like all the time for most of you — you just may be able to latch onto some free WiFi love aboard the country’s buses. You see, Nokia has set up an arrangement wherein they will outfit 12 buses with a WiFi connection, effectively letting commuters check their email and watch goofy YouTube clips without dropping a dime.

These Nokia-fueled WiFi buses are a first in Singapore. In fact, they’re a first in the entire Asia Pacific, and Nokia is saying that it is part of their initiative to “enable consumers to gain access to a high speed internet connection on the go.” There are probably some restrictions in place, of course, but you certainly can’t complain about the price. There’s also no mention on how the infrastructure works.

From the consumer’s point of view, they just go to the WLAN Wizard on their Nokia device and connect to the Nokia Wifi Zone. Sounds simple enough.