Pre-Order Your LG Voyager and LG Venus From Verizon Today

Pre-Order Your LG Voyager and LG Venus From Verizon Today


Anxious to get your hands on the latest LG cell phones, particularly the one slated to replace the LG enV? Wait no longer, because Verizon Wireless has opened the floodgates, allowing you to place pre-orders on both the LG Voyager and the LG Venus. Both phones rock dual displays. Awesome.

As you recall, the Verizon Voyager takes on a horizontal clamshell design, much like the LG enV. The key difference, however, is that there is no physical keypad on the front cover. Instead, they’ve stretched the external display to 400 x 240 pixels and converted it into a touchscreen. On the inside is an equally large display, paired with a full QWERTY keyboard.

The LG Venus, on the other hand, is a slider of a completely different nature. On the main surface, you’ll find a large primary display, but underneath this is a touch-sensitive screen that adjusts its controls to suit the current application. Context-sensitive buttons add all sorts of versatility.

The Voyager and the Venus will sell for $299 and $199, respectively, both with two-year contracts.