Nintendo DS 1Seg Portable TV Tuner: Hands-On Video

Nintendo DS 1Seg Portable TV Tuner: Hands-On Video


The first Nintendo DS didn’t make quite that big a splash in the marketplace, but then people started to realize the exceptionally fun games that were available for the touchscreen-equipped gaming machine. We got hooked on Mario Kart DS, addicted to Tetris DS, and brain-trained with Brain Age. But wait, the glossy Nintendo DS Lite is more than a one trick pony. You can use it for music listening, web surfing, and now, you can watch mobile television on there too.

The 1Seg TV Tuner for the Nintendo DS is scheduled for release in Japan on November 23rd, effectively giving the people of the island nation access to all sorts of entertainment programming on the go. Sure, they have to suffer through a pair of rabbit ears and the screen resolution isn’t the best, but the TV tuner does more than just grab the signal for you. For example, you can “take notes on one screen while watching on te other, allowing you to flip through a show like a picture book later.”

The rest of the settings are pretty standard, like adjusting the aspect ratio and orientation. Check out the vid for a more in-depth look.