Go Musical With Bell Mobility’s LG Muziq

Go Musical With Bell Mobility’s LG Muziq


Not to be confused with LG Fusic, this “new” flip phone from LG Electronics also has a definite multimedia slant to its feature set. The LG Muziq clamshell was recently added to Bell Mobility’s lineup, offering music aficionados another option when it comes to external media controls and tune-enjoying on the go.

In many ways, the LG Muziq is the spiritual successor the LG Fusic. Like its predecessor, the LG Muziq also comes with an integrated FM transmitter that lets you broadcast your song selection to neighboring radios. In addition to this musical tendency, the LG Muziq also boasts SIRIUS Satellite radio, full track music downloads, and touch-sensitive external music controls “with vibe feedback.” Rounding out the specs are a 1.3 megapixel camera, USB tethered data, Bluetooth A2DP, and a 2-way speakerphone.

Buying the LG Muziq outright from Bell Mobility (or going Prepaid) will cost you a hefty $299.95. Commit yourself to Frank and Gordon for three years, however, and the price comes down to a much more reasonable $79.95.