Sprint-Nextel Loosens the Shackles On Plan-Swapping

Sprint-Nextel Loosens the Shackles On Plan-Swapping


It looks like the mobile phone industry is getting a little nicer to us poor consumers. Following up on a recent announcement that they would unlock phones for use with other service providers, Sprint is loosening the shackles on another front as well. Sprint-Nextel has announced that they will not force users to sign new contracts when they choose to change their calling plans. This policy goes into effect on Monday, November 12th.

In an effort to be even kinder and gentler, Sprint is unleashing all sorts of customer-friendly policies. They’re unlocking their phones so that you can leave them for Verizon or Alltel, they won’t lock you down if you choose to change your calling (or data) plan, and what’s more, they’re working on a new prorated early termination fee schedule that would make it cheaper for you to ditch the rising yellow wave. The new ETF should be implemented in early 2008.

By making it easier for their customers to leave, is Sprint making the right move to retain existing subscribers and/or gain new ones?