Pharos Portable GPS Navigation For Under $200

Pharos Portable GPS Navigation For Under $200


It’s not exactly an elite thing to own a portable GPS navigation device anymore, because prices on the units have come down substantially. If you’re looking for some GPS navigation on the uber-cheap, Pharos has you covered with their new Pharos Drive GPS 150, which carries an MSRP of just $199.

For less than $200, you’ll get treated to everyone’s favorite SiRFStar III GPS receiver, a 3.94-inch touchscreen display, automatic night view switching, NAVTEQ maps, and an operation time of between five and seven hours. We assume that there are turn-by-turn directions here as well, though we’re not completely certain whether they are voiced and whether it has text-to-speech capabilities.

For an extra $100 (bringing the price up to $299), you can opt for the bigger Pharos Drive GPS 250. It appears to be mostly identical to its Pharos Drive GPS 150 cousin, except the display is a 4.3-incher. More info at