Nissan’s Magical Electric Paint Changes Colors on the Fly

Nissan’s Magical Electric Paint Changes Colors on the Fly


You’ve probably been there. You get all excited about buying a car and then a short while after making the purchase, you regret the color choice. Sure, you still love your sleek black Nissan 350Z, but then you see a gorgeous blue number fly by and wish you went with that paint job instead. Soon, you may not have to choose.

Nissan is working on some sort of self-healing paint system that can actually change color based on your mood. Just flip the switch on the dash and your Sentra goes from white to red to black to whatever other color you want. It’s not a whole new paint job; the actual paint itself is changing color. This is achieved because the paint is a polymer-based substance with tiny iron oxide particles. You can manipulate these particles with an electric current and based on the distance between the particles, we perceive a different color.

You’ve got to wonder about insurance issues, though, because while the “default” color is white, what would it read on your registration papers? What about a high-speed chase where the car keeps changing color?