Kanye West Would Be All Over This USB Flash Drive

Kanye West Would Be All Over This USB Flash Drive


Kanye West is known in some circles as the Louis Vuitton Don, so it goes without saying that if he were more technologically-inclined, he’d want to get a piece of the LV USB Design Flash Drive. Dreamed up by some kook named Fred de Garilhe, these USB flash drives are supposed to emit the epitome of luxury. He’s not going to make any mention of read or write speeds, no word on encryption this or security that.

Instead, the LV USB Design gets wrapped up in your choice of yellow or white gold, exuding luxury from every pore. As if the gold wasn’t enough for the Louis Vuitton Don, you’ll notice that the curvaceous body has also been covered in ostrich leather and black alligator leather. Topping out the elegant package are things like yellow diamonds, blue sapphires, and pink sapphires.

But that’s not to say that these drives aren’t functional! You can even toss in a digital or analog clock onto the body, and you’ll notice the lock-and-key mechanism to instill a sense of security. Each drive comes with 40 gigabits (which works out to a very strange 5 gigabytes) of internal memory. No word on price.