Intelligent Enterprise Notification and Command Solutions for iPhone

Intelligent Enterprise Notification and Command Solutions for iPhone


Although the iPhone is apparently not good enough for NASA, the rest of the business community is still trying to welcome the touchtastic mobile phone with open arms. The fact of the matter is, most of the applications being developed for the iPhone are entertainment-minded, rather than being designed with the corporate customer in mind.

And then along came an enterprising company named MIR3. The technology leader has announced the availability of “the first enterprise notification and command interface for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch mobile communications platforms.” Instead of being a native third-party application — Steve Jobs would shake his head at that — the notification solution runs through the mobile Safari web browser.

The idea behind the program is that it can “initiate emergency notifications and remotely manage enterprise notification systems and response teams.” MIR3 CEO Amir Moussavian says that “corporate iPhone users will represent an important segment within the mobile-enabled enterprise notification and emergency response industry.” I just see it now: police officers, firefighters, and other emergency personnel responding to a scene with their iPhones. “I’m on it! Listen to Soulja Boy on my iPhone and you’ll be just fine.”