HTC Touch vs. Apple iPhone: 25-Minute Video Comparison

HTC Touch vs. Apple iPhone: 25-Minute Video Comparison


There’s no denying that HTC was trying to counter Apple’s effort when they unleashed the HTC Touch unto the world, but how does their touchscreen phone compare against the iPhone? WM Experts went through an extensive comparison, looking at each and every feature on the two phones so that you can make an educated decision as a consumer.

Do you want the power of Windows Mobile 6 and a TouchFLO interface? Do you prefer the multi-touch capabilities of the iPhone as well as the slick sleekness that is Cupertino? In the video below, WM Experts starts out with a discussion of the actual hardware itself, and then they delve into features like the home screen, making calls, ease of text entry, and instant messaging capabilities.

This is probably the most extensive comparison video to date, so if you’re struggling to decide between the iPhone and the HTC Touch, what you’ll view below is definitely worth 25 minutes of your time.