Video: The World’s Most Powerful Diesel Engine

Video: The World’s Most Powerful Diesel Engine


I can just hear the grunts of Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor now. You want more power, you’ve got more power. And that’s diesel power to the tune of 7,780hp. If you’re wondering, that’s more than seven times the pony count found on the Bugatti Veyron.

The Wartsila RTA96-C is being bandied about — and I use the term “bandy” quite loosely — as the world’s most powerful diesel engine and I’d be inclined to believe that claim. The two-stroke turbocharged design is available in configurations ranging from 6-cylinders to 14-cylinders, but these cylinders are a lot bigger than the ones you’d find under the hood of a Ferrari.

You see, the Wartsila turbodiesel engine is “primarily used for large container ships.” If you check out the picture to the left, you’ll see an engineer standing near the middle. That’ll give you a sense of scale.