The Proper Way to Say Asus Eee PC

The Proper Way to Say Asus Eee PC


The Asus Eee PC has received quite a warm welcome from the tech community, getting a four-star rating and outselling OLPC by over 8-to-1. The little glossy white wonder is a superstar. However, it turns out that we may have pronouncing the name of the Asus Eee PC wrong this entire time.

If you take a quick quantum leap over to Gizmodo, they’ve got a video that teaches you exactly how you’re supposed to pronounce Eee PC. For those of you who aren’t into video, here’s the gist:

Eee PC is not pronounced as E-E-E-P-C. It’s just E-P-C, as if you were saying the three letters. But that’s not the kicker. It turns out that Asus is not pronounced “Eh-Sis”; you’re supposed to say “Ah-Seuss”. Weird.